Whatup Joe? Podcast Interview w/ Dough From Da Go

Rashad Nasir Interviews Marketing Guru & The Legendary Dough From Da Go where they discuss many topics from Chicago’s music wave to the upbringings. Check it out!

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Audio: https://soundcloud.com/whatupjoepodcast/gate-keepers

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/DoughFromDaGo
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Facebook: https://Twitter.com/DoughFromDaGo


RadioOne Interviews Dough From Da Go



Over this past summer, RadioOne Chicago via Weekend Gabe interviewed Dough From Da Go at the campus of Loyola University, and touched on many topics from Dough’s upbringing to his start in the music game. Peep the interview below!

What Up Joe? Podcast Interview w/ Dough From Da Go


Chicago legend and Hip-Hop curator, Dough From Da Go, checks in with “What Up, Joe?” to expound on his history in the game. He speaks upon the doors he has opened for artists from the crib through Stack or Starve and gives plenty of industry jewels.







Dough From Da Go Interview w/ Bootcamp Radio

Live From Bronseville!
Dough From Da Go invades Bootcamp Radio with Gerry P & D’Symone
Where he discusses everything from the streets to his hands in the music game, Mineral Water The Album and more!
Shot By : R.Wilson



Winner of the #MineralWaterChallenge

After going through 108 submissions and narrowing down to 15, then down to 5…we now have a winner for the #MineralWaterChallenge and it goes to none other than Rich P Evolon ! Congrats Fam!. This joint embodies everything the album represents! We are with no doubt going to use it! S/o to all the participants and supporters who sent in they joints. Its Official! Let’s Work! #MH2o #MineralWaterTheAlbum #CHICAGO #OneChicago

The #MineralWaterChallenge


Rules Are Simple:

1.Pick From 3 Tracks (Provided By Dough)

2.Record A Verse & Or Hook (NO EXCUSES About Recording…DGAF if it’s recorded on ya phone in video form…we wanna hear it!)

3.Send your joint to: MH2oTheAlbum@Gmail.com

Joint chosen will appear on #MineralWaterTheAlbum 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧