Dough from da Go had a vision for his city of Chicago, a musical vision, a vision of unity and pure satisfaction. In the year 2016, Mineral Water was born in the heart of The Windy City by a visionary whose passion for hip-hop and production saw a missing element. Music with substance and vibe wrapped in ONE “glass of refreshing water” but not just any water but water with context and nutrition.

A musical project that you can “chew on”. He not only brought out the Vets / OG’s out from retirement but unified them with the young, upcoming artists and producers that the world has yet to hear from to make deep and dimensional pieces of musical art.

March Madness 2019 Dough from da Go released the singles that didn’t make the project with a musical month of mayhem… 31 Tracks in 31 Days! This is only the beginning and we hope you take a minute to watch the DocuSeries of the making of Mineral Water as he will take you behind the scenes for those inspirational and creative moments in the studio.