Day 1: Broadway 75th – Get Over You (Prod. Juice)

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The first joint from Executive Producer Dough From Da Go’s “31 Days Of Water” comes from non other then the east side Chicago Legend himself, Broadway 75th. The track is titled “Get Over You” produced by super producer Juice. Stream Below! #MH2o

Winner of the #MineralWaterChallenge

After going through 108 submissions and narrowing down to 15, then down to 5…we now have a winner for the #MineralWaterChallenge and it goes to none other than Rich P Evolon ! Congrats Fam!. This joint embodies everything the album represents! We are with no doubt going to use it! S/o to all the participants and supporters who sent in they joints. Its Official! Let’s Work! #MH2o #MineralWaterTheAlbum #CHICAGO #OneChicago

The #MineralWaterChallenge


Rules Are Simple:

1.Pick From 3 Tracks (Provided By Dough)

2.Record A Verse & Or Hook (NO EXCUSES About Recording…DGAF if it’s recorded on ya phone in video form…we wanna hear it!)

3.Send your joint to:

Joint chosen will appear on #MineralWaterTheAlbum 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧


Dough From Da Go interview w/ Sound Of Now

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via http://www.SoundOfNow.Co.Uk

Been following the album series and its trailers, whats the process been like working on “Mineral Water”?

It’s been amazing. The process has been a very long one, but this project is something I’ve been passionate about for the last 8 years. And with passion, comes time and perfection, that’s something that I’ve learned from the greats. So with that being said, I have all the patience in the world for it, because its something that I truly believe will make an impact to open ears who can appreciate dope hip-hop music, lyricism and good concepts.

From the sound of the project, its heavily 90’s influenced mixed with some 70’s, 80’s & today vibe. What are the studio sessions like vibe wise?

Well, I try to keep creative and great spirited individuals around me in those sessions, its good for the outcome of things. The direction & ideal sound is obviously a soulful one but most of the time though I think that when we are creating, it’s not just about specifics in that sense or what we want to achieve. We just go with the flow of the tracks and start to create vibes and concepts from there and we just like what we hear. You just, you know, put down layers and layers and layers and layers, and then you just hear the result at the very end. My engineer Rambo knows my ear and he compliments well. After the mixing you’re just like, Oh, wow…yea this sh*t is HARD! [Laughs]. I mean I kind of draw the image of what I think it’s gonna be, but we don’t really know what’s it gonna be in the end until the vibes take over. The atmosphere has been incredible though, we’ve connected musically and in a way, I’m not sure we ever have before.

You are releasing a trilogy series for “Mineral Water” can you describe what made you decide to roll it out in parts?

A lot of the records came out good, I was originally playing with the ideas of making it a double album, then after meeting with my team, that changed lol. So now, we’re going to fragment it into a series of 3: “Before I Have A Glass” (Ep), “Mineral Water The Album” (LP),“The Quench” (Ep). The Before I Have A Glass Ep will contain 7 records to give a taste of what the album sounds like, Mineral Water will be a full album with bonus cuts while The Quenchwill be another ep of 7 records. I’m also going to do something called “Mineral Monday’s” starting in a few weeks where I drop songs that didn’t make the cut but they are still dope in their own right! So be looking for that… #MineralMondays

Where are you at with these projects? Are they all finished?

Pretty much. We’re just sorting out some additional features, post-production, final vocals and some mixes and masters. The body of the works are pretty much there and I’m just doing the album layouts, credits, marketing ideas and thank you’s now. I remember being that kid who used to love to buy a CD, open it up and read all the credits and look through the booklet, I want to restore that kind of feeling.

What else is to come from the “Mineral Water” series brand?

We will be definitely releasing singles and promotional material throughout the next few months. A lot of exciting things to accompany, from the merchandise to our own water, a documentary as well as a live band show I want to put together of the artists performing, sort of like Unplugged. Going to be real dope for the culture and the city of Chicago.